Youtube Concreto E Asfalto


however requested yet again “Why?”


“Love seeketh not alone to make sure you

(The previous turtle took in a deep breath,

He was fatigued, and then continued 🙂

“He has been offered spring for joy, sweet

mornings to bear, flowers to grow

around him for attractiveness. Does not he

sow evening for rest, plow his dreams

without having distress? This my friend, is

simply because of equilibrium, me, and the moon,

and the sun, and the earth, and the

heavens, and even hell, for heaven

places out their nightmares.”


After hearing this, guys of earth

launch the Wonderful Mud Turtle, from his

binding chains, in the name of liberty-

hoping He’d regain his contentment

(but he was gone, not to be located)-,

and therefore, the stability of the earth

wobbled to and fro, off its axis, and

earth quakes, hurricanes, volcanic exercise,

and much, much far more, referred to as organic disasters

prevailed close to the world (glaciers melted,

mountains fell, oceans roared, and the skies

flamed like hell) and then, then male understood,

he had cursed himself, for this kind of foolish labor…

unchaining the Mud Turtle, calling him the Devil-

and then arrived the everlasting wintertime, there was no

heat in the air-nor did rain fall,

to man’s appall…!


A prophet came upon the earth

(in its hindering seventh wintertime)

mentioned to gentleman:

“Beneath a single of individuals trees,

there in the wonderful woods, pointing

towards its powerful wind, from

the place I stand, is a tiny child turtle!

who is aware no better, he does not

know your harm, your coronary heart, nor

your expanding despair…I shall get

you to the tree: I’ll display you the place!”

(Mentioned gentleman in his

anger and dislike, ‘Is this little one from the

Wonderful Mud Turtle?’)(but the previous prophetic

would not replay, and ongoing)):

“As I was saying, this child turtle

-desde las oscuras pero carmes&iacute entra&ntildeas de la tierra-

su cabeza como de piedra

con una larga lengua venenosa colgada

y sus ojos grises profundos en desesperaci&oacuten

miraron fijamente, s&oacutelo miraron fijamente.

“Crueles, celosos y moi&iacutestas son los hombres”,

dijo ella con una sonrisa fallida…

Su cuerpo exterior (su caparaz&oacuten),

estaba carbonizado por el intenso calor de la tierra.

“&iquestCu&aacuteles son tus penas?”,

pregunt&oacute el hombre a esta gigantesca figura.

Concreto Vassourado, Concreto Imoveis Bauru FoneI

however asked once again “Why?”


“Enjoy seeketh not itself to make sure you

nor does it care for by itself and I,

I have liked thee (even even though in despair

for earth, and guy are bond as 1, I,

well, I am just a mud turtle, watcher

So, yes-you see, I have loved thee

even while in despair, even while currently being

eyes of ashes, residue), see was: stones, and more

stones, brimstones, rubble and dried up rivers

and lakes, and oceans, and a mud turtle

strolling with his son

#2244 (two-9-2008) Written in Lima, Peru

La Agon&iacutea de la

Gran Tortuga de Barro

(Un Cuento Po&eacutetico)


Una gran tortuga levant&oacute su cabeza

-desde las oscuras pero carmes&iacute entra&ntildeas de la tierra-

su cabeza como de piedra

con una larga lengua venenosa colgada


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